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Liquid Hauls

Aluminum Vacuum Transports


Our fleet contains state of the art aluminum vacuum transports. These transports are located at all our operational facilities throughout south Texas. The aluminum transports have a carrying capacity of 166 barrels. Their weight is only 9,900 pounds which is much less than the standard 130 BBL carbon steel tanker typically weighing 15,000 to 18,000 pounds. Our transports are able to carry more per load, enabling K-3BMI to move your product to and from location in less loads and less time. 

Gap Vax


K-3BMI is equipped with the most modern and powerful vacuum truck available today, the Gap Vax. This “super sucker” has the ability to tackle the toughest vacuum cleaning jobs in the business. Our trucks will arrive on your location with a pick-up, support trailer and a crew equipped to operate around the clock, and all the supplies that are needed to complete the job. Our Gap Vax can be used to clean rig tanks, mud tanks, fluid system tanks, frac tanks, cellars, rig locations and any other job on location that may require the use of a powerful vacuum truck.