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About K-3BMI Oilfield & Municipal Services

K-3BMI, based in Alvin, Texas, is a merger of two different businesses. K-3 Services is a diverse oilfield services company that focuses on fluid transport. BMI, the second of the two mergers, is a municipal biosolids management contractor. 


K-3BMI was started in 1981 in South Texas by our CEO, Mr. Karlis Ercums III. He was a 20-year-old entrepreneur at the time, starting off with an old vacuum truck picking up waste oil from service stations and hauling it to recycling facilities. Mr. Andy Drennan, COO, joined the company in 1990, and primarily focuses on BMI. 


Fast forward over 30 years later, the company is now comprised of over 120 trucks and ten yards spread across Southeast Texas. The foremost focus of the company is the transportation of fluids to and from drilling and completion sites in the Eagle Ford Shale and the Haynesville Shale. However, our trucks are also dispatched on lengthier trips hauling specialty drilling fluids and chemicals to gas and oilfields throughout the US. We are committed to serving both production and drilling operations with our fleet of equipment available 24/7.


K-3BMI municipal services are based in Brookshire, TX, and we currently serve Houston, Texas, and the surrounding cities within a 150 mile radius. With our fleet of tanker and roll-off trucks, we can perform any needed transfers within and between plants and transport both liquid and dewatered product for disposal or recycling. In addition, we also provide clean out and mobile belt press services. In short, we are equipped to handle the full “cradle to grave” management of biosolids. Our compliance department assures our customers that their biosolids are tested, treated, documented, and recorded to meet TCEQ and EPA standards.

Visionary Leaders


Mr. Ercums and Mr. Drennan constantly seek to find better solutions for the needs of our customers. One of the most distinctive examples of this is K-3BMI's fleet of 166-barrel aluminum vacuum tank trailers, which we rely on in addition to the standard 130-barrel carbon steel vacuum transports. The idea of an aluminum vacuum tank trailer first came to Karlis in 1986 when he realized the need for a lighter, more profitable trailer. He began to experiment with the possibility after buying a used aluminum crude oil tank trailer and converting it into a vacuum trailer. 


Now 30 years later, the aluminum tank trailers we use are 20 to 30 percent lighter than the average 130-barrel carbon steel vacuum trailers. This lighter weight and and greater capacity makes these trailers both more efficient and more cost-effective. They have even proven to be more durable than their carbon steel counterparts.


Values & Service


K-3BMI is a large company that is proud to have stuck to the family values which it was founded upon. Above all, we value our employees and their quality of life. They are the breadwinners of this company and we will continue to put them first. We seek to fulfill the needs of our customer to the best of our ability, and that means getting the job done in a safe, timely manner, and providing trained and knowledgeable employees.