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Compliance & Safety

K-3BMI has a full service Compliance & Safety Team that is dedicated to ensuring that our company conducts all areas of business in a manner that keeps safety as the first thought. We strongly recognize that safety is a company goal as well as an individual responsibility of all employees. Training is conducted through an internet based system that all employees can access. Employees also attend onsite training that is conducted by members of the Safety Team.


K-3BMI believes that every accident is preventable, and we follow the thought of creating a Zero Accident Culture. We start our jobs by conducting Job Safety Analysis, which helps to identify associated risks. A key point that we stress is our Stop Work Authority. All employees, regardless of assigned duties, are encouraged to stop any work that is viewed to be dangerous in any way. Stop Work Authority is a right that every employee has, but it is also an obligation to each other.


K-3BMI is proud of our "Satisfactory" safety rating and works hard to maintain that recognition. We consistently talk about CSA and track our progress in that system. Compliance, safety, and accountability have a large influence on the company, and we strive to make sure that our performance exceeds customers' expectations.


We have individual people dedicated to the following areas:

  • Fleet Safety and Maintenance Specialist, which is a vital part of our vision. We strongly believe in having outstanding quality in the vehicle that we ask our employees to drive.

  • OSHA Regulations and Work Place Safety Specialist, who helps to ensure that our employees are going home each night without injuries.

  • Environmental Compliance Specialist, whose priority is to make sure that any actions of K-3BMI "Do No Harm" to our environment.

  • Department of Transportation Compliance Specialist, who helps us stay in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as the State of Texas.